making things easier

so I've only been using cenariovr for a day but I've found things that would make life a little easier (that exist in  office tools or elearning software)

move to front / send to back

I have some info boxes and hotspots in my scene that come up on demand, it would help to be able to move the "close" hotspot to be sitting in front of the info box but because I put the close in first it is sitting at the back and there's no way to bring it forward.

hide an item

as i have large pop up images and text boxes it would be nice to be able to hide them so i can add hotspots etc in the background rather than having to drag them out of the way and then get them back in position.

copy and paste

being able to copy and past a hotspot for example so it has the same size etc as the previous one when having many in a scene, or to copy and paste an info box so you don't have the make the changes again and remember your hex colour (yes it does remember the last one you did but i have many variants) and to be able to copy from one scene to another. also being able to use arrow keys to move object more accurately around the scene

changing the shape not just size of the info box

it defaults to a shape based on the text but sometimes you may want wide and short or tall and thin, or have a large box with minimal text at the top or middle. at the moment you can resize the box but not reshape.


and variables so we can build more complex training modules rather than simpler - explore a scene type.


  • rleon7185
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    This is great feedback. We appreciate your input and have included these usability improvements to our roadmap for future releases. We will post something here in the community as they are added.

    Thank you,

    Reneida (Product Manager for CenarioVR)
  • rleon7185
    rleon7185 Community Member Posts: 6
    In the meantime, here are a few tips to make some of your requests possible:
    • To move objects to the front or back of the Z order, you can reorder them by dragging and dropping in the list on the left.
    • The info boxes can have a rounded shape, square shape, or no background. You may go to the "Style" tab to manage all of the background, font, and size options.
    • To hide an item when you are building, click on the "eye" icon for the item in the list on the left.
    Thanks again!


  • mhawkins1920
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    Thanks for that, i see that some of those things are actually available I just hadn't found it yet.
  • hvaughan-2540
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    Can you also add a right click Scene move up / move down in list and also add a grouping option. I have lots of 360 image scenes of one particular room and would like to group into one collapsible item so its self contained and easy to minimise / hide.

    Also it would be good to have an option to change the size of the scene thumbnails or even make into text list instead. Dragging and dropping scenes to alter positions up and down can be tricky I often find I can do one and then it stops working and I have to exit and go back in again.
  • carlfink
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    Groups do exist. Use ctrl-click and/or shift-click to select multiple items and right-click.
  • hvaughan-2540
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    Thanks, yes grouping of items/objects exist but what I'd like is grouping of scenes.