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mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
I do want to make custom page transitions. Depending on page content animate different elements out in specific ways. All this i can do with Javascript and GSAP TweenMax.

Then when the specific elements are hidden, i do want to trigger a page transition using Seamless Play.
That part is easy enough, calling trivNextPage()... but i do want more influence on timing and specific settings of the Seamless transitions.

What Javascript functions influence the transitions in Lectora ?

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  • triedel3286
    triedel3286 Community Member Posts: 4
    Have you already checked the trivantis-trans.js? There are all the existing page transitions specified. The doTrans() function is called in the html file, committing all the parameters.
  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    Yes. And in that one and several other ones i do find functions that handle transitions...and even can add Javascript to it to have it do things i want. But thats only feasible for Lectora Desktop, for Lectora Online, i work most with now, i cannot override or change functions from those Trivantis js.files..  I can make it work as i want..but then when trying that in Online, Lectora Online although giving a message a added file i use will overwrite the Trivantis fact it doesnot at publishing time... and still uses the default Trivantis setup.
  • jvalley4735
    jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
    @wheels - Thoughts?
  • wheels
    wheels Community Member, Administrator, Moderator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 526 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    That would be a bug, and I will have QA test that.

    You can always override the JavaScript functions themselves in a HTML Extension object, if you are using jQuery you can do a $(document).ready(function(){ ... }); to do the overrides (redefine the doTrans or other functions)
  • mnotermans5114
    mnotermans5114 Community Member Posts: 916
    Tried overriding..failed though...Lectora still uses the built-in functions ignoring extra HTML/Javascript in an extension. At publishing time Lectora says its overriding a built-in function or JS...but when you continue and run that published version it is NOT overwritten and the original old function is still used.
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