Email hyperlink shuts down a 508 title.

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I am publishing a course for 508 compliance, I have the option turned on through the settings. I have text of an email address and highlighted it and clicked the hyperlink button then set it to have the action on mouse click send email.  When published and tested all email link shut down the course. Is the function not accessible or do I need to adjust anything when publishing the course?



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    The mail to action has some issues, one being that it may cause a navigation to happen. In SCORM we only allow navigation from Lectora actions and we shut down other navigation by closing the window. This is all a little bit drastic and we can probably debate if it's the right thing to do, but... if you want a possible solution please try this:

    On the hyperlink do a Run JavaScript action and put in the following JavaScript, fill in the variables with what you want:

    var emailTo = '[email protected]';
    var emailCC = '';
    var emailSub = ''; // subject
    var emailBody = '';"mailto:"+emailTo+'?cc='+emailCC+'&subject='+emailSub+'&body='+emailBody);
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    Thanks for the super fast response Joe, I'll give that a shot!