Closed Captioning Not Showing



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    My CC wasn't showing up on Firefox and this was our fix. This may not pertain to your issue, but if someone searches for this issue perhaps my post will help them. For full Firefox support with WebVTT, on the Web server where the title resides, set a mime type definition for VTT: AddType text/vtt .vtt
  • Grover
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    I just had this issue with a client to try to fix. IS this stilll an issue. Their requirement is to have this as well as the resizing option.
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    @Grover This is a post from 2018, so you might not get an answer for your exact situation. Please post a fresh post with details on your client's issue. State whether your client is using an LMS or not.

    Is the CC button appearing or not? If you are trying to run the files locally on a computer without a web server, the media player will not be able to read the closed caption files and the CC button will be blank. See the recent excellent explanations on this recent thread:

    If your client is running on an LMS and the CC button is missing, but shows in Run/Preview mode, then the LMS might be blocking the file, and the LMS or Web server might need to be configured to support the file, like the comment right before yours in this thread. Another reason the CC button could be missing is a syntax error in your file. The media player in Run/preview mode is more forgiving than when running on a web server of LMS.