Problem with own designed radio buttons

jwestlund6143 Community Member Posts: 17

I use own designed radio buttons in a traning and it works well when I run and published one page. But when I have published the training to SCORM it dosn´t work to click on them.

I made a file with only this slides so someone could have a look. But when I published that part to SCORM it workes fine!?

I Attatch the small file anyway.... Does anyone know what other things in my file could effect this?

(Its in the chapter)



  • bparker2032
    bparker2032 Community Member Posts: 15

    Can you provide me the LO Package File for the course where the radio buttons don't work?
  • jwestlund6143
    jwestlund6143 Community Member Posts: 17

    I answered before but did not notice that the file was to big. I have locate the problem to publish settings. Now I find the place to delete unused media=)

    When I check "scale content to fit window" and "scale content to width" it dos not work. If I have them unchecked everything else look strange..

    I use the radio buttons to different things in the training and want different look, but now i notice that if I change design/style in one slide it changes in the hole training? Is there a work around for this? I Have a idea but want to know what is possible. We changing tool so this is my first projekt in lectora and i have no time for not mutch time to learn right now.

    Thanks for all help!!