Lectora 17.1.6 Available Now

jvalley4735 Community Member Posts: 1,357
On Friday, August 24th, 2018 the 17.1.6 patch was made available for Lectora Publisher and Lectora Inspire customers. This release includes the following resolved issues and updates:
  • Questions with apostrophes will now appear in Run, Preview or Publish
  • Fullscreen videos when within an iFrame will now fill the actual screen
  • Leaving full screen on a video in Run or Preview corrupts the display of other videos on the page
  • Addressed the issue where users could not tab away from entry fields in FireFox
  • Test Results will now display “%” after the Score Variable
  • IE8 Enterprise Mode will now execute OnShow Play audio
  • The audio player will now play in IE8 mode
  • Exiting fullscreen video in iOS will cause the page to crop
For more information and to download the patch please visit: https://www.trivantis.com/service-pack-downloads/

In Lectora you can go to File > Lectora Preferences > Auto Update and click the “Check for Updates Now” button.