Multiple Choice Question with Individual Feedback

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I cannot get a Multiple Choice Question to function correctly when the "Individual Feedback by Choice" option is selected. The problem is with the FEEDBACK. I am using the Display Message option for each item. The question/feedback works perfectly when using run mode to test it. However, after publishing for HTML, the feedback will show only if the correct option is selected. If any of the other 3 foils are selected, no feedback appears. I have deleted the question and set up a completely separate one and also have tried this in several different courses I'm working on. The results are consistent: works OK in run mode, but "wrong" feedback fails to show after publishing to HTML.

I am using Lectora Online in a Chrome browser. I have attached a stripped-down sample file for this. It contains only the index.html page, and a introductory quiz page which is required for accessing the quiz, since the quiz variables are reset there. There are only 6 questions; the non-functioning one is the sample with the individual feedback.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug?


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    Hi Suzanne, although i do encounter this issue too... so it might be a bug... thats for Trivantis developers to find and if needed fix, i have made a workaround thats easy enough.

    What i did:
    - Setup the question like the rest. Correct/false feedback, individual option disabled.
    - Change immediate response to 'on Process question'
    - Add a custom variable... i named it Q12298Choice and put the correct feedback in it.
    - Add 2 actions to every choice/radiobutton
    - the first action Modifies the variable Q12298Choice to its appropriate feedback
    - the second action calls Process Question
    - Make sure the second action has a slight delay. Else the default feedback will show and there is not enough time to modify the variable. I made that 0.3 seconds.
    - In the feedback of the question make sure your correct/false feedback calls the variable

    Well thats perfect.

    Here is a package of it too.

    Kind regards,
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    Thanks for the example. I have written this up as an issue and we will get it fixed in an upcoming release.
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    We have identified the bug and will have a fix for it going out in the next maintenance release (4.2.4).  Apologies for the inconvenience.