Drag & Drop prevent multiple drops pop-up message

cmetzler2560 Community Member Posts: 58
Hello! Is there a way to prevent the default pop-up message that appears when a user tries to drag multiple times on one drop site? The pop-up message says, "The drag item limit for this question is 1 in each drop zone. Remove an item to change entries."


  • raungnaing
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    Hi Christina,

    I assume you have "Max Drops per zone" set to 1 and don't want the popup message. One way you can do this is to use HTML Extension to override the default functionality. Add an HTML Extension of type "Header Scripting" with this line:

    reachedMaxDrops = function() {}

    You can have it on the page where you have the DD question or higher level such as chapter, title.

    With this HTML Ext., you are overriding the default function (reachedMaxDrops) with one that does nothing.

  • cmetzler2560
    cmetzler2560 Community Member Posts: 58
  • dfleary
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    FYI, you can also change the message by going to File ribbon > Preferences > Publish Strings and scroll to the bottom of the list.

    However, I'm curious why you want to disable the message entirely. You just want the item to "not stick" but don't want to tell the learner why? IMO, I think that would be confusing to learners, particularly if the number of allowable drag items varies for different questions.