Error when testing for compliance.

salalisa Community Member Posts: 4
When testing the LO zipped SCORM files in ADL tester, I'm getting a new error:

ERROR:   URL "images/Jacarta_CS.png" could not be verified for correct format

I have no image by this name in the file yet I am getting the error 4 times.

I'm out of ideas, so looking to see if any of you have a thought or solution?



  • krodgers6170
    krodgers6170 Community Member Posts: 25
    Have you checked your title's resources? Could be an image you deleted on screen, but it's still being included in your published package.

    I once had a corrupt  image in my title, and my LMS kept rejecting the scorm file until I deleted and replaced it in Lectora- then republished.
  • towens9303
    towens9303 Community Member Posts: 2
    Lisa and I are working on this together, so I'm going to hop in here. Here are the steps we've taken:

    Everything. :)

    Kidding. Almost.

    There is no image file in the course with the name Jacarta. There is nothing named Jacarta anywhere that I can see in the Lectora Online file. I've torn a copy of the course it all the way down to a single page with zero images (used or unused) in the course except for a newly created exit button so I can publish it to SCORM. The Jacarta images still show up in the imsmanifest.xml document (this is where the error is coming from). I have submitted it to Trivantis support in the hopes we do not have to rebuild, but wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone has any other ideas.

    This course was made from a copy of a template we've used over and over without any issues. I appreciate any ideas!
  • wheels
    wheels Florida USACommunity Member, Administrator, Moderator, Rockstar Manager Posts: 665 eLearning ROCKSTAR Admin Team
    That sounds like an image that is included as a custom form element.  Do you have any custom form elements set (Test & Survey Tab).
  • towens9303
    towens9303 Community Member Posts: 2
    Hi, Joe. You're right. Trivantis support narrowed it down to the custom radio buttons and check boxes. I switched them back to the default form elements, and they sailed through ADL. It is strange that it only happens on some of the courses (all of courses have custom elements set)...and barely any of them even have a test question actually in the course. Still trying to figure this one out.
  • mnotermans5114
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    One idea might be... create a question with a custom radio button. DO add a new custom image called Jacarta_CS.png..  publish and test... should work i guess...cause it will override the older one. Then remove the question and see what happens next.
    If you share a .pkg i gladly check and test.