Variable Attributes in Lectora with Javascript

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Hi all!...

I've worked on Lectora for the last few days and gathering info about how javascript works with Lectora. Due there isn't a developer site I wondering what is the structure of a variable definition. I found a js script and I want to know how the variable attributes defines the following example.


var VarBookmarkTitle = new Variable( 'VarBookmarkTitle', '0', 0, 0, null, null, 'page1.html', f );


Thanks in advance for all your comments.


  • wheels
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    You can find that "class" defined in trivantis-cookie.js
    function Variable(name,defval,f,cm,frame,days,title)
    name - the variable name
    defval - default value
    f - flag for time (0 - not time related, >0 - time related)
    cm - CourseMill variable (set to zero if not CourseMill related)
    frame - indicates course type (null, 'scorm', 'scorm2004', 'tincan')
    days - how many days the value is valid for or null
    title - the name of the title

    varName.getValue() to get the current value
    varName.set('something') to set the value