Launch Program Action Isn't

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I'm trying to use a mouseclick action to launch a program. It should run a virtual tour inside of a player. I can't get it to actually DO anything, even though the action looks set up correctly? I uploaded it to the course as an attachment, but I am not sure it can run from the .exe file? It is currently set up on my hard drive, not an html. Do I need the entire path? Or?

The actual file here is unimportant; this is a test course to make sure I can get it to work - which so far I cannot.




  • carlfink
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    I haven't needed to do this, but why not just try using the full path and see if that matters?

    Note that I would expect this to fail in all browsers for security reasons, so don't do this unless your course will only run from people's local storage (hard drives).
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    The help documentation reads "specify the fully qualified file name in the File field" which makes me want to agree with Carl
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    Got the same issue with launcing files or folders from lectora.

    In previous versions that I have published it all seems to work, but if I republish these actions won't work anymore. All path (and even web link) solutions do not work in run, preview, offline publish and uploaded published scorm in LMS or any other place.

    Also when I start and try a new lectora project that needs to launch a file, it also won't work.  Only when an action launches a document from my local HD it will open that file.

    Tried various open file from server path solutions:
    • File://///server/_file Part 1.pptx
    • File://server/file Part 1.pptx
    • //server/_file Part 1.pptx
    • server/_file Part 1.pptx
    or reversed
    • File:///\\server\_file Part 1.pptx
    • File:\\server\file Part 1.pptx
    • \\server\_file Part 1.pptx
    • server\_file Part 1.pptx


    First I thought it was a LMS (Cornerstone) or server related issue. But in storyline it works perfectly online and offline.

    How to solve this for Lectora?
  • avis7549
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    Double post.
  • klaatu
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    Post a sample if you want others to try to get it working.
  • avis7549
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    With this a file.

    Plain basic and straighforward. To change the launch action click the button go to actions and change teh server link to look something like file:\\servername\file name.extension

    Do not link from your HD alone, as this will work. It is the reference and opening from the server that should normally work.

    Thanks upfront for any tips tricks or solutions.

  • avis7549
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    Ok since I can't upload the file then I show you what I did.

    ps: in this case the server link is obviously a fake adress, normally it would be something different so that it would be linked to a real file.

  • avis7549
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    So Yeah, found the true problem. Seems that  you need to pay attention to several things.
    • Pop-up blockers must be disabled for the site that launches the app.
    • Make sure the site that launches the application has security clearance from your browser ( in IE > Internet tools, security, trusted sites, add your site that launches the application. In chrome, safari, etc similar settings)
    Good luck all & cheers!
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    If I understand your question, "file://" links will never work in a browser-based course. You have to put the files on a server and use either http or https. (I suppose you could use rtsp or something, but that would be an odd choice.)