Help with the function of .js files

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Hi all.

For one of our projects, we have to fill out a JavaScript usage form for security purposes. On this form we need to describe the function of the JavaScripts. There are two that I am not 100% sure what there function is and I hoping someone in the forum who is more of a Javascript expert than I am could provide a short description of their function. The files are the trivantis-utils.js and the trivantis-wndobj.js. Any help would be much appreciated.




  • mnotermans5114
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    Hi Shawn, quite a lot of functionality in those. Alas tough readable because they are minified. Only Trivantis developers can help you with more specific information im afraid.
  • raungnaing
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    Hi Shawn,

    When you publish a title, there are a number of javascript files that go into the published content, two of them of course are trivantis-utils.js and trivantis-wndobj.js. All those javascript files provide the basic and vital functionality of the published title.

    Basically trivantis-utils.js contains, as the name implies, utility functions to manipulate DOM elements, read browser imformation, manipulate strings, etc.

    trivantis-wndobj.js contains code that renders objects onto the browser screen, such as text block, image, video, audio. It also handles actions such as move, resize, show, hide.

    Hope this helps,