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Clients of mine do review projects in Lectora Online. So they use Run Mode to test and review the course(s). Although i try to disencourage that and trying to convince them its better to either use ReviewLink or upload the course to any LMS to test and review the workflow as is, is too standard for them. As a sidenote i have to admit when doing small minor changes, its beneficiary this way because they can change texts and simple things themselves.

When i however add Javascript functionality to a course, they cannot see it working obviously. As i said, i have a tough time convincing them its better to review the endproduct. And for some parts i do understand it, they want it correct and finished in Online before they upload it to a LMS. So i was checking Online just now and noticed that in fact Javascript is running! Several Trivantis/Lectora functions are called ( with an enormous amount of errors when checking the console @wheels
) and working in RunMode.

So my question ... probably for Trivantis.. can we enable custom Javascript somehow in RunMode ?

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    Hi Math,

    Page Preview can be used by reviewers to see any Javascript customizations to a page. Although, that is per page and would not give you experience of navigating the course.  Because we allow full and unlimited access for scripting customizations it makes it difficult for us to allow in our runtime environment.

    We are looking into architectural changes that will allow our run mode to execute custom CSS and Javascript but it isn't our highest priority.  We would rather bring more elegance and function to our native Lectora objects.
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    Thx Joe, knowing its on the radar is one. I myself use Page Preview for testing my pages with Javascript. Trying to educate reviewers on that too... but its hard to convince them. Now i often get the comments that something isnot working whereas they are testing in Run Mode...

    And indeed improvement on Lectora objects for sure is key. Do think about opening things up for developers to add custom scripting for courses/themes and alike. I now have quite some nice elements doing stuff with Javascript. From simple svg counters that look great, but are almost impossible to hand over to anybody not knowing Javascript, JSON and SVG well.. so seldom reusing it, to very complex games and setups...that could be easily turned into great reusable shareable content..if i could add it somehow to Lectora so a user who wants to use it, could simply use some inputs and controls and the components work perfectly.

    Gladly discuss ideas.