Embedding only part of a page

mlapl1 Community Member Posts: 350 ♪ Opening Act ♪
Hello.... hope this does not sound too silly.

I have an html5 audio recorder created by H5P that lives on a Wordpress site.  The only way to create such a recorder is to use a plugin for moodle, WP or drupal. I chose WP. It has the advantage of easy installation and it always works.

I would like to embed ONLY the recorder into a Lectora page. The recorder is only part of the page on which it is found (in WP there is header and menus etc). So, is there some way that I can embed only the part of the WP page that contains the recorder and nothing else? Alternatively, do you know of a reliable, Lectora-embeddable html5 audio recorder?

I have not had much luck with Flash recorders which encounter security issues and the html5 recorders I have experimented with have been challenging for me to install (I do not have much fluency in installing JS on Lectora - although the things I do well I do ok).

Thanks for any help.