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I was wondering if anyone had any information on whether or not Lectora can handle multiple questions on one page? And with 'handle' I mean show me the correct feedback only if ALL of the questions were answered correctly.

I tried adding 5 multiple choice questions on one page and using a SUBMIT button with a 'Process all questions on page'-action, but alas. Right now, Lectora shows me both the right and the wrong feedback, because some questions were answered correctly, others weren't.


  • wheels
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    Hi Indra,

    Question feedback will be shown when the question is processed.  If you want to make a composite decision you can turn off the per question feedback and use conditional actions after you process all the questions on the page.

    Actions can have conditions like if Question 1 isCorrect and Question 2 isCorrect ... etc.   So you can do things like show an initially hidden text block with feedback if all the questions are answered correctly.  Then you could have an else case that might show a different text block when they are not all correctly answered.

    Does this sound like it would work for your scenario?

    - Joe
  • ivancaesbroeck1298
    ivancaesbroeck1298 Community Member Posts: 12
    That's exactly what I was looking for! I knew I had to be overlooking something obvious ;)

    Thanks very much Joe, appreciate the swift answer!