Drag Drop Drop Zones vanished from Question Creator

nscott8678 Community Member Posts: 14
I am modifying an existing drag drop question. After I change the drop image to a larger sized image, I can no longer see the drop zones in the question editor or the expanded view editor. Prior to changing the image, the drop zones were visible.

I'm hoping someone has a trick to solve this.


  • jasonadal
    jasonadal Community Member Posts: 439 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Please post a sample, even if it's just for the page where you're having the issue. It will get a quicker response if we can look at the actual file.

    Quick stab in the dark - try copying and pasting the question to a blank page to see if it still happens.
  • _
    _ Community Member Posts: 84
    Yeah, the drop zones have a habit of not sticking if you move or resize things.

    Sounds like they may have been resized to 1 pixel, so you can't see them in the question editor. Try  punching in coordinate/size values manually into the Expanded View Editor.
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