Lectora Online - Forms to Google Drive

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I posted this question in response to a similar topic on the forum, but there seems to be no activity there for over a year and I need a solution to this problem, so also am posting as a new set of questions.

Is there any actual documentation - besides the very limited information that exists in the Lectora Online Help and the https://community.trivantis.com/knowledge-base/using-google-drive-with-lectora/#comments page 2015 post in the forum - that provides more specific information related to using Lectora FORMS and submitting them to Google Drive?

I have questions about all the forms, but will limit these questions specifically to JUST one of the items linked from Lectora Online Help, the LECTORA FORM SUBMISSION to GOOGLE DOCS, Lectora sample FORM at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1diNtFqpoOdvPPXMIVvaWHCLOQj9DcQTX0mTwfF58tWY/copy

1. Is there anything that specifies that a maximum number of fields can be transmitted using this form? The "Lectora Form Submission [Form] that Lectora provides to copy from contains 25 fields, but I cannot get more than 19 fields to transmit, as detailed below.

2. Is there any Lectora Documentation that states how to input a VARIABLE in the ADDITIONAL VALUES popup window (right column) to have Lectora send the VALUE of the variable? Neither inputting just the variable name nor using the VAR(variableName) format works - in both cases Lectora only transmits the literal. I have been unable to find anything in Lectora Online Help about the Additional Values window.

3. Besides the Online Help, is there some other Lectora documentation/manual that I am missing? I have the most current version of Lectora Online, having just purchased in May 2018. We are trying to publish our first Lectora course and cannot get past this posttest reporting issue.

4. Regarding the actual transmission of data, it would SEEM that the either the Lectora Form submission code or the code behind the Lectora Goole Form has been altered since that 2015 information was posted. After HUGE amounts of testing and retesting, I have succeeded in getting data from Lectora to Google Sheets BUT the process is very much jerry-rigged and, due to apparent maximum number of fields that can be transmitted, I have had to combine some data/variable values into one field in order to obtain all the values I need. As such, I am very hesitant to use this in our published courses and am asking again for assistance to see if there is something I am missing.

I can provide a small .pkg file if someone is willing to look at this. In my Lectora course, I have one Form: Form_12144.

-By combining some data into one field, instead of each data item transmitting as a separate field, I have pared the tranmission down to 14 fields that are transmitted containing "real" data.

-However, in order to do that, I also have had to include 6 DUMMY fields (i.e., fields that contain DUMMY data, but that don't/won't actually come through to the Google Sheet) plus 1 additional dummy field to get the first items in the ADDITIONAL VALUES list to transmit.

-The first 3 entry fields consistently come through correctly. Entry_12184, Entry_12186, Entry_12188

-To make the 4th field come through, I ended up having to input TWO dummy fields. In this case only (as opposed to the other dummy fields noted below), I also had to include two "fake" section names on the Google Form. NO data is successfully transmitted for these two fields, but unless both exist in the Form within the Lectora course as well as in the Lectora Form Submission document, none of the remaining fields transmit correctly.

- Once those 2 dummy items are in place, the 4th, 5th, and 6th "real" data items transmit correctly. Entry_12194, Entry_12196, Entry_12322

- It was then necessary to include 1 dummy field in the Form in the Lectora Course, but NO additional field in the Lectora Form Submission document.

- After that, the pattern seems to be 2 more real data items, then 1 dummy item, at least as far as I am able to test, because the transmission always cuts off at 19 items.

- So, after the 6th "real" data item, the Form within my Lectora Course has 2 more real data items (7th and 8th - Entry_12335 & Entry_12343), then 1 more dummy field in the Lectora Course (but NO field in the Lectora Form Submission document), then 2 real data items (9th & 10th - Entry_12347 & Entry_12351) and 1 dummy field, then 2 real data items (11th & 12th - Entry_12355 & Entry_12359) and 1 dummy field, then two final data items (13th & 14th - Entry_12333 & Entry_12408) with a dummy field.

-That now makes 14 real (needed) data items plus 6 dummy items, only 2 of which actually impact the Google Sheet, even though no data actually reports in those 2 columns on the Google Sheet, so 16 "occupied" Google Sheet columns so far.

- AFTER that point, 2 of the first three items listed in the Additional Values transmit - as literals, not values - then an item is skipped, then the next item from the Additional Values list transmits. This appears to follow the same pattern established after the first few columns of 2 data items transmitted successfully, then 1 skipped.

- In the resulting Google Sheet, the first column apparently is automatically populated by Google Sheet code (date/time); the next 19 columns are populated as noted above. At that point, no matter how many Entry fields are included in the form in the Lectora course, the transmission cuts off.

- It has taken several weeks of testing various combinations to get to the point where I can consistently get these results, even creating new Lectora courses and starting with a fresh copies of the Lectora Form Submission document and new Google Sheets. While at this time I can consistenly create and recreate this, I would prefer either to be shown where I am making an error or, if the code behind the Lectora Form Submission doc has an error, for that to be fixed.

Since most of our customers do NOT have an LMS, it is critical that I create a reliable method of transmitting the posttest results.

On the Trivantis Community page (https://community.trivantis.com/knowledge-base/using-google-drive-with-lectora/#comments) in a 2015 post about the Lectora-Google submission, it was noted that the 16th or 25th position did not transmit. However, there's a big change from one field at the 15th or 25th position being "worked around" compared to having to do this after every 2nd or 3rd entry. Also, because this seems to have changed since the 2015 Lectora post, I don't think I can consider, just because my current workaround consistently has worked for me the last few days, that this is reliable enough to include in a course to provide to our customers. And, this information was from a 2015 post. Now that it is 2018 and Lectora still is publishing Lectora-to-Google as a feature of Lectora, I am hoping that Trivantis/Lectora has been able to update the submission process.