Lectora Online Forms to Google Sheets - Additional Values Feature

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I am trying to use the ADDITIONAL VALUES feature (in the Lectora Form Properties Data Submission ribbon) to obtain and send some specific variable values to Google Drive. Example:
  • For our needs, I require not just the total posttest score, but also scores by category. The scoring has been  successfully created and captured in variables I have created. The problem is obtaining these results via the Form submission to Google Sheets.
  • In Lectora Online, in the Form Properites - Additional Form Values pop-up window, in the NAME column, I have added the name Category 1 Correct and, in the VALUE column, the variable VAR(cat1correct). When the form data transmits, the VALUE comes through as the variable name, not the variable value.
  • Does the Additional Form Values option only transmit literal data, or is some type of formula/expression needed in the value column to convert this to the value of the variable before the data is  sent to Google Sheets?
  • I can get some VALUES if I click the "Include All Variable Values (Test and Title)" option on the Submission Settings section of the properties ribbon, but I do not want nor, due to character limitation, can I use that feature to obtain the values I need. The transmission apparently reaches its character limit long before it ever gets to the variables/values that I require and meanwhile sends a bunch of useless data.
  • I cannot find any information on how to use this Additional Form Values feature in the Lectora Online Help nor in what I could find so far in the Trivantis Community.
  • I would appreciate any assistance; obtaining these values is essential to the reporting we are required to provide.


  • wheels
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    Hi Suzanne,

    If you do not have the variable name correct, including letter case, it will report the name you supplied for the value.

    My guess is the variable macro should be defined as VAR(Cat1Correct)

    - Joe
  • suzanneb
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    Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the response. In my test file, I copied the variable names right from the Variable Manager to ensure I did not have an uppercase/lowercase or typo error. I have tried using the variable name alone and also using the format VAR(variablename) and neither works. In both cases, the literal is transmitted, not the value.

    Also, is there any more detailed information on using Lectora FORMS and sending the information to Google Sheets than exists in the Lectora Online Help?

    Specifically, in my test course, I have 20 ENTRY FIELD VALUES plus 3 ADDITIONAL VALUES I am trying to capture in Google Sheets.
    • All 23 entry fields/variables have been populated correctly in Lectora.
    • When the form is submitted, only 15 of the 20 entry field data items populate the Google Sheet and only 2 of the Additional Values.
    • The 15 entry fields that transmit do provide the variable VALUE, however the 2 Additional Values items only provide literal data, not values, despite what format is used.
    • Data from the first 3 entry fields consistently transmits correctly. After that, every 3rd, 4th, or 5th item is missed. I found some information in a community post indicating the 15th or 16th field did not transmit, but this is missing a lot more than that.
    One of the reasons we purchased Lectora was for the Lectora-to-Google reporting. Over 95% of our customers do NOT have an LMS and we need a reliable way to capture the posttest results from those folks. I must find a reliable resolution to this; I already am almost 3 weeks behind due to the amount of time spent testing and retesting trying to find a resolution to this.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I am rather at my wits end with this and desperately need help.