How to change the TOC highlight color

smcculley1282 Community Member Posts: 14 ☆ Roadie ☆
Hi Everyone.

I've been working with Lectora Inspire for  a number of years and know exactly where I need to change the TOC highlight/selected menu item color.

I'm helping someone with Lectora Online and thought changing the TOC  highlight color would be just as simple, except there is no TOC.js file for the online version. I've submitted a ticket to Trivantis about this, but their answer didn't help at all. Does anybody on this forum know how to change the TOC highlight/selected color in Lectora Online? I designed a 508 compliant template in Lectora Inspire and the TOC has white text on a dark green field and the highlight/selected color is dark blue. The default color in LO is a very light blue, so when a TOC item is selected the contrast between the light blue and white is not enough to be 508 compliant. Any help for this issue would be greatly appreciated.