Actions saved as library objects lose targets

smiller7502 Community Member Posts: 181
In the attached sample, there are two actions at the top of the title that we will want to assign at the AU level in lots of titles. The actions conditionally show or hide two objects. The actions work as expected in the sample.

However, when I save the actions as library objects and then add them to a second title -- which already contains the objects shown or hidden by the actions, with the same names -- the actions lose their targets. This happens even if I delete the working actions from a title and then add the library objects to the same title.

Is there a solution?


  • jasonadal
    jasonadal Community Member Posts: 448 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    Hey Stan - I did a quick test with both a blank title and your title, then a blank title. I created a library object with both the actions AND the group, which worked to retain the targets for the actions. Hope that helps and achieves what you're looking to do!
  • smiller7502
    smiller7502 Community Member Posts: 181
    So I wonder how I've gone all this time and not realized it's possible to select multiple objects in the title explorer and save them as a single library object? Good grief! That's fantastic, thank you very much!