Remove Items from Title Resources

suzanneb Community Member Posts: 32
Working on our first course to be published in Lectora Online. When trying to publish to test some functionality, received warning message re a number of graphics included in the Title Resources, but not used in the course. How can I delete these? The online help only has one short page (that I can find) about the Title Resource and mentions nothing about removing items from it.


  • krodgers6170
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    Hi SuzanneB,

    If you look in your tool ribbon panel, you'll find a button for Resources.

    When you click Resources , you can view all your title's assets. If you select the unused tab, You can view everything you have imported into your project but may have deleted or not used along the way. You can easily delete these assets on by one or select all.

    This will remove the errors during publishing.

    See attached screen shots for Resource location in the tool ribbon.

  • suzanneb
    suzanneb Community Member Posts: 32
    Thanks very much!
  • mmilo9281
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    Hi, <span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"><span class="" title="">I also have a question about the resources. i have some Lectora titles which should be very small (<100 MB) but in the Disk Usage table it shows me a larger data volume (0.318 GB). There is nothing to delete in the "unused Tab".</span></span>

    I have no idea whats the reason for the large data volume. I have uploaded a picture

    Can anyone help me.

    greetings and thx, marcel