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Another thing im running into. Would love to use anchors. But as its implemented now, they go automatically to 'Always on top'. And i cannot disable it !!!

That doesnot work for me. First of all because i want to use that as little as possible. I prefer arranging my Title Explorer myself to ensure what i want to have on top, indeed is on top in the Title Explorer.  If i use anchors.. all elements that i want to be on top of those, also i need to activate 'Always on top'.. i dont like that. I will get way too much elements that have 'Always on top' active. I do want as little of those as possible.

So what i would like to see, is that i can manually de-activate 'Always on top' when using anchors.


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    The way anchor objects are implemented they are always in a layer above non-anchor objects.  The use cases this was designed for are navigation, and notifications, which are typically on top of other content.   We check and disable always on top to help indicate that these objects live in a layer above all other non-anchored objects.

    We also thought about allowing for backgrounds where some anchor objects could be set to go behind, but this did not seem as important.  What is the use case where you want anchored objects to be layered with non-anchored objects?

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    a bar downbelow with several elements in it. When anchoring one of those, a background shape or image, to the bottom...well it gets on top of the texts and elements that need to be on top... as example....