IE is not allowing users to drag and drop

dunnjo98 Community Member Posts: 25
I can't share my files, but here is the run down:
  • IE 11
  • Lectora Inspire 17
  • Cornerstone on Demand.

The Drag and Drop question works perfect in Chrome, but IE users aren't able to move the dragable objects.  Has anyone seen this and possibly have an idea of what this could be?


  • dunnjo98
    dunnjo98 Community Member Posts: 25
    Additional information: when testing the page in IE directly from Lectora, if I clear the cache it works once and then I close and load the preview again and it doesn't work.
  • dunnjo98
    dunnjo98 Community Member Posts: 25
    An update on this.  I have been forced, in the time being, to switch the question from a drag and drop to a multiple answer. (my stop gap solution).  Then I was reminded that IE only handles the default radio and check boxes.  Long and short of this is, IE is a pain.
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