Using Lectora Inspire to have user submit a question to Stakeholder

nrosenberg2262 Community Member Posts: 19
Hi everyone,

I am trying to set up feedback to the client from the users.  The user needs to type a response to a question.

Then the user hits a submit button and the response should go to an email address and automatically be sent.

How can I do this?


Thank you for your help.


  • zliquorman1276
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    Hi Niomi,

    The feature to send an email to a specified address with survey/quiz/variable data does not currently work in Lectora Inspire. It stopped working when Lectora stopped supporting a Flash-version of the application (I forget how many versions ago this was). I seem to recall someone from Trivantis mentioned that they've intentionally left the button in the Lectora application because they may try to re-address and fix this at some point.

    For now though, there are many other methods to transfer survey data.

    So, let's start with the first step: Where is/will your content be hosted? Is it on an LMS? A server run by your company (or rather, your client's company)? Both? Or will it be hosted on a third-party site separate from you and your client's servers?

    Based on your question, I take it you have simply set up a survey in Lectora that the user will answer? If that's the case, you've already simplified the problem to an extent, because Lectora's surveys are set in such a way to package the responses to be ready for transfer without any additional work needed from your end.

    This is where it gets tricky though. When you're not working for a client in-house, you still need a programmer/IT person who works with server-side scripting for the client to work with you to set up a data transfer. They can go over options with you, but a CGI will likely be the simplest solution, and they'll still need to set up a database to collect the information (in all likelihood).

    See this topic for more info:

    Most e-learning software, Lectora included, are designed to work easiest when the published content is being hosted by the same group that will be reading/collecting the data, whether it's on an LMS or your own company's servers.

    Lectora being Javascript-based makes it completely flexible to work with almost any other other situation though (certainly moreso than any other e-learning software I've ever seen).

    However, all of this usually requires back-end programming experience, and it seems a lot of e-learning designers don't have this, hence why you'll likely need to work with someone on the back-end programming team for your client.
  • nrosenberg2262
    nrosenberg2262 Community Member Posts: 19
    Thank you Zachary.

    It will be on an LMS but through a third party.  So, I will speak with the third party about the programming for this part of the course.  Thank you so very much.  Your answer was very concise and helpful.

    All the best,

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