Modifying variables for questions with more than 1 attempt

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I have created a 6 question test using Lectora's question builder. I have set the maximum attempts at 2. If the second attempt is wrong, I give them correct answer and the rationale behind it. How do I set up variables in lectora to allow them to advance to the next question if the answer is correct, or after the second attempt even if it is not correct? If there first answer is incorrect, I don't want them to advance until they try again.  I can't say not correct, and there isn't an option for complete, so how do I set up my actions an variables to accomplish this?


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    Hi Deb,

    I am uploading an example which is a Lectora Online PKG file that can be imported into Lectora.  It shows some different things you can do using Answer Feedback, and Attempts Feedback.  In the question creator you can see the feedback runs actions. When the attempts feedback runs it runs a Run ActionGroup action (to accomplish multiple tasks). This shows a text block (which could be your explanation) and then enables the next button.

    I also do some things for Question feedback but those are just to show some possibilities.

    On the "Check My Answer" button there are two actions. One processes the question and the other enables the next button if the answer is correct.

    Hope this helps.

    - Joe
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    Thank you! That helped alot!