Multiple languages in publish strings

amak Community Member Posts: 23
Hi there,

A colleague was experiencing an issue when publishing a multilingual course to SCORM. This course has five  languages separated in different chapters. The publish strings captured all five languages in the one file. Every time she tried publishing it would crash shortly after clicking OK.

We found that the issue was isolated to this section and specifically the "%s" :

##~~Do not edit this line.[Loading]~~##

Loading %s

Please Wait ...

Memuat %s

Harap Tunggu... %s



%s 로딩 중

기다려 주십시오...

載入中 %s



We believe that using multiple instances of %s was causing the publishing to crash. By deleting the extra %s it was finally publishing.

The languages are English, Bahasa Indonesian, Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese. We are using Lectora 16.1.2.

Has anyone tried doing something similar or have any workarounds to enable publish strings for specific parts of a course?