When requesting assistance - Please Read

klaatu Community Member Posts: 986 ☆ Roadie ☆
When requesting assistance it would be of great help to the forum members if you include a sample of the lesson giving you an issue. If you cannot redact sensitive information from the sample please create a separate one. Most of us are quite busy and a lot of the time we need a sample to work off of. We do not have the time to re-create issues to help troubleshoot. When providing the sample, please make sure you include the .awt authoring file and any external files that we will need to see what you are seeing.

Additionally, include the version of Lectora you are working with as well as the type of output (web, scorm, etc.) you plan on publishing to. If your issue seems to be broswer related, include the type of browser and version.

All of these will help us help you. Anyone, if I left something important out, please chime in.