SCORM 2004 Reporting/Scoring Bug? (Drag-n-Drop & Matching)

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I’m hoping that someone out there can assist with this reporting issue.

Recently we had an older course that was not reporting properly in the LMS (Blackboard). It has now been rebuilt from scratch in Lectora 17 (version 17.0.6), but there are issues related to the SCORM 2004 reporting.

In the two images I’ve enclosed (redacted because this is a test) you’ll see:
  • LMS receives the variables for the test score and completion status with no problem (showing as 100% and complete)
  • True/False questions report correctly
  • Items where student selects multiple checkboxes also report correctly
  • Matching Items do not report correctly
  • Drag-n-drops do not report correctly
Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a bug? It sure looks like one.

Thanks in advance for the help!


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    Those 1[.]A values are okay - they follow the SCORM standard. Lectora's 1-A ones will be translated to this format when the course communicates with the LMS.

    Not sure if this is the exact same issue I had, but I was experiencing some weird drag-and-drop-question reporting to the Grovo Delta LMS. I resolved this by deleting and re-adding the Assignable Unit (AU) at the top of the Lectora file and everything began to report correctly.

    Try that - may be an easy fix!