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  • 001 - Can't get the status checkmarks to updated
  • 002 - How to keep checkmarks aligned with text?
  • 003 - Second bullet is black...can't get color to change
  • 004 - Same as number 3


  • alockwood6897
    alockwood6897 Community Member Posts: 111 ♪ Opening Act ♪

    001: What are you trying to update? What is the actual process? What actions are set up?

    002: Did you try nudging the image down until it is in line with the second line?

    003: This is a common text formatting issue (Lectora, Word, PowerPoint all do this). Usually, the last character space at the end of a line is a different format from the rest of the line. Make sure you have no extra spaces at the end of the text and if you do, either remove them or format them to match. You can also try just hitting enter to create a new line and see if that reformats the bullet.

    004: Same as 003.