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Hey all,

I've been updating older modules using Lectora 17 (these were developed say 2013/14). A number of the assessments have randomised tests that only require a certain number to be asked e.g. 20 question pool, only required to answer 15 and randomized.

The action seems to no longer work? I tested for a standard test with no randomization and it worked fine, however in the same example the goto randomized test failed to action.

I've added a sample. It works in lectora preview, but does not work in internet view or once published.


  • timk
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    indeed, you can't select a specific question from a randomized test as it's unknown which pages will be part of the test. I tested your sample and both buttons are working alright for me? HTML content published from Lectora 17 will only work correctly when opened from a server. Did you use the "Preview" button in the bottom center of the publishing dialogue to view the course? This will use a virtual server and should work while just opening the index.html from the html folder won't.
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    Super strange.

    I publish to html, and when it completes, clicking Preview (in the publish window that generates all the files) > Google Chrome - functionality works.

    Closing the browser, I open the published folder location, right click page_1.html > Open with > Google Chrome - functionality gone....

    This is published to html, not just previewing within Lectora... I'll test tomorrow on the LMS

    I don't know if it worth noting but index.html that I normally open to preview does not progress beyond the standard 'Loading [module title] Please Wait ...'
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    Nick, Tim's post explained why it is super strange. Also, did you publish to web or scorm? If you published to scorm then you'll need an LMS to test or it will fail immediately as the first thing the content will do is try to open communication (LMSInitialize) with an LMS.
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    To perhaps clarify, when you Preview a published course locally, Lectora actually opens a mini-server on your development machine--it is not the same as opening the HTML files directly in the browser, although it does look almost the same.
  • nwilliams3743
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    Appreciate the feedback all.

    Darrel - I normally publish to html to make sure all works as it should (which is how i got myself here), then to scorm and into the LMS and test again (haven't done this part yet)

    Carlfink - Thanks, I noticed that in the address field but never took enough notice to realise!

    Tim - Thanks again for the help. I realised I pretty much rewrote what you said without even understanding  :|

    I get that it should run fun in the LMS when published to scorm, but what I don't understand (and its probably not an issue anymore) but why does the normal test open just in both cases, but the randomised test will only open with opened via preview in publish dialogue? What's actually happening that causes this difference?