Degraded Technical Support

mlaymon8870 Community Member Posts: 2
We have experienced a complete drop of technical support (unanswered calls and emails) ever since Trivantis was acquired by StoneCalibre. We are aware of the downsizing which occurred within Trivantis and are sympathetic to the pain of adjustment. However, we are now considering a major upgrade to the cloud for our LMS platform and are having concerns about the company as a whole and we have to factor that in to our decision making process. Are there others experiencing the same thing with the new Trivantis? We have made (for us) a substantial investment in time and effort having created over 1,000 separate curriculums and over 6,000 courses. We are seeking reassurance that this is the company to stay with.


  • danam
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    So how is the decision making process being impacted?
    Any response from ... anyone?

    We are fighting this battle also. When you are used to the very accommodating way we were treated previously, it is a bit jarring to have to work with, well, nothing.

    Others have told me that the more the cost of the product, the better the service. (You get what you pay for.) I just thought that the price of the annual fee was covering us. I was quite mistaken.

    Good luck.