Randomized Test Published in HTML

gnery7405 Community Member Posts: 2

I am new to developing randomized test in Lectora 17.  I created a simple test and published it as an offline package. When I played the lesson, it plays as expected as the questions were randomized.

However, when I published it to HTML and plays the lesson it only loads with the text "Loading Assessment.. Please wait".

What could be the possible reason for this? Does it only work when it is uploaded to an LMS?




  • zliquorman1276
    zliquorman1276 Community Member Posts: 67 ☆ Roadie ☆
    Certain variables are only available if you publish to AICC/SCORM, but if it was working for you when publishing as an offline package, then that shouldn't be the issue.

    Which HTML file are you trying to open? index.html is the default "start" but if you publish with a title manager page (I always do), you would open that instead titlemgr.html

    Opening other pages directly instead will sometimes have the same issue you described.