Horizontal parallax scroll css

llovell1234 Community Member Posts: 4
Hi there.

Does anyone know how to insert a simple horizontal parallax scroll (css) into a Lectora course?

I found a vertical parallax scroll css script from this forum which was posted three years ago (and worked perfectly) but nothing since then.

I am also interested in incorporating a background video in parallax scroll as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    Try Rellax. It seems to work well. If you need a push getting it going let us know.
  • llovell1234
    llovell1234 Community Member Posts: 4
    Thank you, Darrel.

    I have been able to get it working, however when I first open the Lectora file it says that it is missing two resources: Resource 7250 and Resource 7251.

    Also, I find that I have to amend the html file every time I publish (to html). (I must admin I only just manage to fumble my way through the code as I am not an expert.) Is there a way to change the settings (e.g. number of parallax scrolling objects, the speed and location, etc) inside Lectora itself, without having to manually amend the html code?

    Thanks again.