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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if there is already a topic on this, but I'm not fully familiar with the forum interface yet. If there is a topic search functionality, I don't know how to use it yet...

I am brand new to Lectora Inspire. I have just purchased a subscription through my company. For the last five years, I've used Articulate Presenter and Captivate to develop training courses.

It seems as though Lectora will be a much higher learning curve than anything I've worked with before. Does anyone have any suggestions for training on Lectora? Somewhat of a "Lectora for Dummies" almost? It doesn't appear I will have the opportunity to do any formal training that Trivantis offers.

Thus far, I've been watching the Lectora tutorials on the Trivantis website, reaching out to colleagues with experience, and playing around in Lectora Inspire 17. I've heard that reverse engineering is a good way to become familiar with the tool as well.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? A line of video tutorials, print resource, or digital resource that has benefited them?  I was pretty confused when I watched the Lectora 101 video on Actions... I'm not entirely sure if that is expected or not.




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    Hello Ryan, and welcome!

    Lectora does indeed have a steeper learning curve than most other e-learning creation tools out there, but its capabilities are effectively unmatched once you know what you're doing. The "formal" trainings from Trivantis were actually very helpful for me in the beginning, but from what you said, you won't be able to take those since they do charge money to take them.

    My suggestion is to keep doing what you're doing! It sounds like you're already doing a great job with finding available free resources and being very proactive in teaching yourself, so bravo!

    Reverse-engineering is indeed a fantastic way to learn (have you found the free sample courses?). Especially if you get materials/samples from the users here on the forums as well. You'll notice everyone has their own style and way of doing things, and the fact that Lectora allows for this is part of what makes it a powerful tool.

    Here's another suggestion: Try making something! Anything! It doesn't matter what, and it doesn't have to be complicated. Try making a basic how-to guide on how to check your email or something. All the tutorials and guides in the world can't substitute for actual experience and practice!

    When you run into something you want to do but don't know how, try using those resources you mentioned. And if that fails, you can always post here on the forums! After you've made your first project, you can go back and try to expand it with more advanced concepts and features. Add a test, change up the background templates mid-course, utilize your own variables, etc.

    And when you've finally found yourself comfortable with most of Lectora's included features, you can start to look at including custom HTML/CSS and Javascript, and then you're really going to have fun ;)


    You can search within the forums via the search bar at the top right of this page (scroll the window up if you can't see it). However, I've always found it easier to search externally via Google (i.e. site:www.website.com). It's hard to beat a dedicated, juggernaut of a search engine with an in-site search algorithm unless it's purposely kept unavailable to search engine crawlers.

    Try a search statement like: site:https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/lectora-2/  [then your search terms here]

    If you want to do a specific search within a particular topic board, you just use that URL instead (e.g. site:https://community.trivantis.com/forums/forum/lectora-2/general-lectora-discussion/  [search terms here])
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    Hi Zachary,

    Thank you so much for the thorough information! I really appreciate it. I'll dig into some of these sample
    courses. I will definitely try to get my hands dirty creating a simple how-to as well! I appreciate it!

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    Lynda.com also has a few decent online lessons to get you going.
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    There's a series on the Trivantis Community called Lectora 101.  It briefly discusses the 20 top topics of learning how to use the product in video form.  Each one lasting 6 minutes or less.


    I also like to suggest that people take the quick tour.  A 20 slide introduction to the interface.


    The click and learn title is also a great example of tips and tricks on how to build a course from start to finish.


    You'll also find various articles and videos posted on the Trivantis Community that may be helpful.  Just use the search feature and enter in a keyword like "variables".

    Last but not least for a cost you can attend training either via the web or on site.