Issue with lesson displaying on SumTotal platform

david_d Community Member Posts: 3
Back in May 2016 I created a lesson in Lectora Publisher that a client uploaded to their SumTotal LMS.  All works fine with it.  They have rececntly requested simple edits which I have made, and after they upload the modified files to their LMS the lesson no longer displays correctly.  It appears to be images and buttons that are missing.

Their LMS has been upgraded.  I thought that may be the issue, so I resent the original files to them which they re-uploaded and display correctly.

I then created a simple one-page lesson, and that uploaded with the same issues - so from this I assume that it is an issue with Lectora creating the SumTotal files.

Since the original files were created, I have had to reinstall Lectora and the SumTotal extensions on my laptop - but that all seemed to install without any issues and the SumTotal files do not generate any errors during publishing.

I am using Lectora Publisher v11.3.2

Any advice would be much appreciated.  Thanks.


  • gnikolich7540
    gnikolich7540 Community Member Posts: 2
    If it is a SCORM course you might want to check the settings in SumTotal.  It could be found under Web Based Training>General>Content Player Settings.  There is an option to open content player in native mode (applies only to SCORM content).  That might help you out.
  • david_d
    david_d Community Member Posts: 3
    Many thanks for your reply Gregory - I will certainly ask my client to check that.  Forgive my naivety, but I note that you mention "if it is a SCORM file".  What do you mean by this?  I have created the module in Lectora as normal and then used 'publish to SumTotal' (having installed the SumTotal extension pack).  I select 'SCORM 1.2 Conformant' from the Conformance Level dropdown box.