Using Lectora Inspired shapes and modifying them

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Hi there, I'm a total newbie so I'm probably asking a really basic question.

I have 2 question about creating shapes with the lectoraInspire design ribbon.

Currently I have created a pill shape size and color are perfect.

First question:    I see how to change the roundedness of the corners but wondered if there was some way to get a readout of the angle of roundedness.  That way all the pill shaped elements would have the same corner ratio of roundedness and I could put that on my style sheet.

Second question:   The pill shape, 3rd over from the left in the shape window, has a gradient in the center of the shape.  Is this gradient adjustable?  I like it but would like to make the lighter area extend down farther to the bottom edge of the shape.

PS  I've attached a jpg to help illustrate my question.

Thank you for your help.


  • zliquorman1276
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    For your first question, Lectora doesn't have a corner radius readout, sadly. If you don't want to get into creating the pill-shaped object with CSS where you can explicitly set this numerically, then my suggestion is that you copy & paste the object you have, and then resize the length/height to preserve the radius of the corner rounding.

    To your second question, you can modify the gradient of the coloring by going into the gradient menu, and clicking More Gradients... 

    From that menu, you can modify the Gradient Stops to adjust where color gradient begins and ends. If you've used graphic design software before, this may be familiar to you. If not, then you may have to play around with it a little before you figure out how to change the slider(s) to get it the way that you want.

    Personally, I've found it easier to define gradients through CSS, but that's just because it's the tool I'm most familiar with. I know some people for whom Lectora's slider is easier. That is my favorite thing about Lectora though, if you find any of its built-in tools insufficient, you can always work around it through external means!
  • nrosenberg2262
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    Thank you so very much.

    I had thought of the copy and past method but might explore more with CSS.

    The gradient issue is something I'll need to play with.

    Again really appreciate your suggestions.