Affecting multiple objects at once - 3 programmatic questions

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I've slowly become to go-to person in my company for Lectora Online and I do like the product. I just have a few consistent issues that either A) Don't currently have solutions B) require programming (which also may not exist on the Lectora backend?) or C) I just haven't figured out yet!

I'm working on hundreds of page at a time and I would like to manipulate objects on all the pages all at once. The objects have the same name (Text Box 1, Text Box 2) but they have different content inside. So I cannot put them at the title level.


Is it possible to programmatically select and manipulate all objects of the same name across all pages in the title? for example:

Select all Text Box 1 and increase font.

Select all Text Box 2 and change the position / size.

If so, do I need a programming language such as CSS to manipulate this? Does Lectora have a command console for making changes with code?


A related question: Is it possible to import a library object onto multiple pages at once, for example:

Every page needs a Text Box 3 specifically at X offset 400, Y offset 500, they will all be the same size but have different content in them (so it cannot go at the title level). The Text box has a specific color background and using "apply page layout" only works on 1 page at a time.

It is currently not possible to select multiple pages and Tools > Insert Library Object > Text Box 3. I can only import library objects on 1 page at a time. This is very slow.

A third related question:

I know how to export into word and html for translations. But the html formatting is more difficult than just going to each object and manually changing the translation within Lectora.

It would make more sense to have:
html name (do not edit)| Page Name | Object Name | Object Content

This is how Captivate and other e-learning tools handle translation exporting and importing. How can I get my Lectora translations into this format? Currently, the html export puts all the page names at the top and then puts all the text boxes (in what feels like a random order) underneath.


Thank you for any tips & answers.


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    Thanks for posting Carlos.  I'll do my best to answer your questions and if needed pass this along to the development team for potential updates to the product.

    Question 1: Multiple Objects

    Since Lectora Online works within a book metaphor it's not possible to select objects at different structural levels.  We consider them to be different levels of hierarchy and therefore should be treated as such when making edits.

    Question 2: Multiple Library Objects

    The control or multi-select feature is not currently available in the Media Library or when browsing in a file folder.  I know for a fact that this has been written up because I'm the one who passed along the suggestion.  I'll be sure to make a note to the developers that this has been brought up again.

    Question 3: Translations

    Can you provide more information on what you'd like to see specifically? I'd be happy to pass along your suggestion with more details.