Lectora Online HTML Publish Bookmarking

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  1. Is there a way to enable bookmarking when Lectora Online is published for HTML? Everything I find in the Lectora Online Help references publication via SCORM/LMS/LRS/xAPI, but I don't see this option for HTML.
  2. If this is possible, is the data stored in a browser cookie? If not, where/how is it stored?
  3. If this is possible, is it possible to add a user-created variable to the stored data? How would that be done?


  • wheels
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    You are correct bookmarking is only an option for publish methods that allow for user identification and bookmark storage.  With the HTML publish a typical course would not have a way to store data per student.

    It is possible to store a bookmark in a Lectora Variable and implement bookmarking yourself. There are  a few community posts on how to do this.  The problem with the HTML publish would be identifying the user.

    If there would only ever be one student per computer then you could store the bookmark in a Lectora Variable and restore it if is not empty.  The bookmark would be saved in cookies and would restore to the last place of access on that computer regardless of the student taking the course.

    The answer depends on the use case you expect for bookmarking and if the course contains any user identifier.

    - Joe