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I've been researching and wondering if there is any way to import a SCORM file into Lectora?  In other words, if an eLearning was made with another authoring tool and a SCORM file was exported, wouldn't it be cool to be able to import that SCORM file into Lectora?


  • cmooraces
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    Sorry, I don't think that's happening...ever. While different authoring tools publish to a common SCORM standard, they all operate very differently. Lectora wouldn't know how to distill Articulate content back into a Lectora format. Some things like Captivate integrate with Lectora but again i'm not sure about doing a straight import.

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    It is possible to put another authoring tool's content into a Lectora "wrapper".  You can actually see the process for Storyline in our "An Articulate® Storyline® User's Guide to Lectora®" ebook found here:
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    One thing to note is that HTML is recommended so that you only have one program passing SCORM compliant data.