Lectora Online Action Pane

suzanneb Community Member Posts: 32
I am using a trial version of Lectora Online to evaluate the product for my company. Several tutorials/videos show an Action Pane that summarizes the actions on a particular item. I cannot seem to find that in Lectora Online and the term doesn't seem to come up in the Lectora Online help document. Is this feature available in Lectora Online?


  • agaudet1236
    agaudet1236 Community Member Posts: 36
    The action pane is not currently a part of Lectora Online. Unfortunately the tutorials are based off of the desktop version of the product so there is some inconsistency there. It is planned for one of our features but does not currently have a slated release date.

    I'll let the product team know that it was asked about!
  • awyatt8754
    awyatt8754 Community Member Posts: 1
    Any update on getting the action pane?  Having to deal with a lot of actions one at a time with wasted clicks because of this missing feature is not fun.