Publishing animated gifs causes internal processing error

pvalleley3585 Community Member Posts: 17
Hi all

We have a course with a number of animated gifs but when we try to publish these as Scorm  1.2 we get an error for each stating “Internal error processing (slide name and number) [operation aborted]”

These were added using insert animation and play ok on view, run.  There is no clue to the error or what to do about it.  We have not managed to find any help anywhere so far.  So we’re stuck. :(





  • wheels
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    What title is it, we will have a look if it's okay with you....

    - Joe
  • kselement
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    Is this an individual error thing? Ive just gotten the exact same message with one of my courses using Lectora Online, except in my case I used: "Insert GIF" and it is supposed to play automatically. So now I can't publish the title without removing the GIFs.