SSL certificate on self-hosted CourseMill

smodesitt Community Member Posts: 2
We have a self-hosted CourseMill installation and are trying to install an SSL certificate on the website.   We are on a Windows box with Apache for the engine.  Trivantis support did all the installation and setup while I watched but I don't have experience with Apache so I'm wondering if that is the problem.  When I apply the SSL certificate to the website, the CourseMill site will not paint - I just get the 'loading' icon.

I sent a ticket to Trivantis but was basically told I was on my own.  I am very frustrated because, before they moved to Florida, I had very good support.  Now, it is slow and not as helpful.  They lost everyone who knew anything apparently.

Has anyone setup an SSL certificate on  self-hosted CourseMill?  I am wondering if there is an Apache component that I am missing.

Thanks for any help.