Does LectoraOnline WAIT for the LMS/LRS to respond?

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I created a 109 page course in Lectora in 2 days!!
Mostly a great product. A few issues but I won’t address here.

MY client- A Fortune 50 company has this requirement:
Can I do this in Lectora?

“content side will need to handle logic that would LMS_Commit these(AICC_Lesson_Status to “completed” AICC_Score to “100”) status variables to RSE, and then process appropriate error validation that the SCORM API request processed correctly. After successful SCORM request confirmation, then content need to move next page that is certificate.

Initially I set a completion button with 3 actions
1- Set score to 100
2- status to completed
3- Send to CERTIFICATE page.

but they’re asking to wait for a feedback loop:
we are a cross-domain, headless course- launched from inside their environment out to ScormCloud.
ScormCloud does not provide the feedback loop logic.

Does Lectora Online?
Can I ask the course to commit a completed status and WAIT for the LMS/LRS to respond?


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    Lectora handles this for you, the LMSSetValue() and LMSCommit() happen under the covers.

    I'm guessing they want to make sure there is not a problem with the connection.  In that case you can check the return from LMSCommit() which is the only indicator the course can check.

    I am attaching a title in PKG (Lectora Online) format which shows how to put the return value from LMSCommit() into a variable, and then conditionally go to the next page.  You could conditionally do different things if it fails.

    You can import the title into any Lectora product.

    If it were my course I would allow the user to print the certificate if they completed the course.  Perhaps if it fails after three attempts, give them a message their score could not be recorded and some further instructions, then move them forward so they can print their certificate?

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    Thanks Joe. I will investigate and see how to include in my course!  My client will be happy!