Synced Events and Images

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Hi There all,

Maybe this has been asked before, but I could not find it that quickly. I know that I can set synced events in audio and put actions on these events.

E.g. Show > images (that have an initial hyde as property.

But now the fancy question, how can I hide them again after a "certain time". I do not want to show the picture when I load another event that holds an action to show another picture.

What is the best way to go and do this easy?

Any tips / tricks are very welcome.

Upfront thanks for any feedback.

Cheers foalks!


  • mnotermans5114
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    100 ways to do this. Either use a timed action...a condition...or another cued event. Best way to get a proper usable answer is adding a sample Lectora (.awt) so other users can check upon it and change / add whatever is wanted.
  • avis7549
    avis7549 Community Member Posts: 12

    Super thanks for the quick response, will try to investigate that. Any youtube or tutorials on this that you can share? Want to understand it myself too. When I got an awt example I will post that too.

  • timk
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    Create a group with two actions to hide the previous and show the next image. Then make your event "Run Action Group".