Known Issues?

mallow76 Community Member Posts: 123
Are there known issues with ReviewLink currently? I have a number of users reporting that they are seeing various API issues. I have also noticed that, although people's comments are still generally getting captured, the location/page that the note was left on is not. Which is obviously a major and problematic omission.


  • clammers
    clammers Community Member Posts: 133 ♪ Opening Act ♪
    I submitted a ticket to support the other day regarding a ReviewLink issue, but not what you're describing. I noticed that all comments seemed to 'reset' at 1:00. If I sorted by Last Updated, anything submitted after 1:00 would appear first, then comments would start back over. I' not sure when this would switch back, but it made reviewing comments by time very difficult as  had to scroll down to the middle of the list to see comments in sequential order.
  • mallow76
    mallow76 Community Member Posts: 123
    Interesting. Thanks for your response. I think there are definitely some general issues with ReviewLink. It needs to be sorted as it is a very useful tool when working as it should.