Buggy run mode with Lectora Inspire 17

adavis9719 Community Member Posts: 1
Hey there,

Since the installation of Lectora 17, I keep having issues with the run mode. On some pages (let's say page A) the run mode window is smaller than it actually is. When I continue to run a different page (page B) and then go back to edit mode, I keep seeing elements that exist only on the page A. Those could be buttons, text fields, background images, videos that belong to page A and should not be seen on page B. So I have to click on a different page in the title explorer and then back to page B so that is displays correctly.
The size issue does not happen on every page. But the showing incorrect elements happens whenever I exit the run mode.
I attach a video showing this issue with different page examples (example 1 has different run mode window size plus buttons from page A that keep showing on page B; example 2 has a video on page A that keeps showing on page B; example 3 has a text field from page A that keeps showing on page B).
All the page sizes are the same and inheritance is clicked. I have Windows 10 and Lector Inspire 17.1.3.

Any help/ideas are appreciated!