External attachment filenames renamed?

drigley6122 Community Member Posts: 8
I'm having an issue where external attachment filenames are being renamed to TrivCaption#####.filetype and it seems to only be happening when there's special characters in the filename. For example, when a button fires off the action 'Open Attachment' abcde.docx works fine as is where abcdé.docx gets renamed.

I'm working in Inspire version 17.0.6

Any suggestions? I've been looking for a couple hours now and having a hard time tracking down anything helpful so far.


  • klaatu
    klaatu Community Member Posts: 988
    Could be that the character is not in the ASCII character set so it gets converted (so it works in links).
  • drigley6122
    drigley6122 Community Member Posts: 8
    From what I can find the characters I've been using in those filenames are in the extended ASCII character set which may be why that's an issue.... But I have page's that have names using the exact same characters and they're showing up just fine. "a001_lesson_6_rédaction.html"

    Is there a setting I've accidentally unclicked somewhere, or are page names and attachment filenames handled differently?