Web Accessibility Settings and Jaws screenreader

llovell1234 Community Member Posts: 4
Hi everyone,

We have an issue which I believe has been addressed in subsequent patches to Lectora 17. At present we run Lectora 16.1.2 and are not able to upgrade 16 further due to (different) SCORM publishing issues with our own LMS.

The issue at hand is when the “Use Web Accessibility Settings” box is unticked in a course’s Title Options for a responsive course.
  • Having this option turned on automatically turns off (and greys out so you cannot change it) a SCORM publishing option called “Use Lightbox Pop Ups”.
  • A known bug for Lectora 16 was that Bookmarking will not work when “Use Lightbox Pop Ups” is unticked http://community.trivantis.com/forums/topic/pick-up-where-you-left-off/
  • Consequently, to get bookmarking to work, we had to turn off “Use Web Accessibility Settings”
  • Having “Use Web Accessibility Settings” unticked, however, means that clicked buttons do not do anything when the course is run with the Jaws screenreader using a keyboard rather than a mouse.
Has anyone been able to solve this without having to upgrade to Lectora 17, i.e. through the use of javascript or assistance from Trivantis?

I have also contacted Trivantis support, but am keen to hear others' experiences.