Moodle/Lectora SCORM Settings

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Hello this has been driving me nuts - I have been trying to solve it for days. Maybe someone with Moodle expertise ( @timk ???) can help.

So here is the thing.

I am trying to create a quiz where the FIRST quiz score is kept by moodle and the others are discarded.

I think I have set things right. I have also made sure that AICC_Lesson_Status is set to completed AND a score is passed to moodle.

Nothing I do seems to prevent students from entering (or re-entering) an answer for answer 1.

Can anyone help with this? It is for someone else's research project and I am totally lost.

Cheers (?)





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    Partially answering my question (but it makes no sense)... It seems that for this option to work, you CANNOT open the Lectora course in a popup window. Everything works if  you open it in the SAME window. Makes no logical sense to me. I wonder if it is documented...
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    My memory must be getting bad (or my panic levels rising) as timk (and I - with some other contributions) had solved the problem here

    Sorry - I cannot seem to be able to delete this message - otherwise I would.