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Hello all,

We have a user that utilizes text to speech on their Mac.  One issue they run into is not being able to select the text in the button or highlight the button to have the text read.  I generally use Lectora's standard text buttons.  I have searched all over the community and cannot find an answer.  The buttons display ALT tags but those cannot be read or selected either.  What am I missing?  Any help would be great.  Thank you!


Eric Hufnagel


  • jasonadal
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    Lectora converts text buttons to images, so it's not really a "text block", so is reliant on the alt-tag or aria-label to pass information to screen readers/text-to-speech. Is the person able to get the functionality to work on other web pages with buttons? (I'm assuming yes, but asking just in case.)

    One of my first thoughts is to ask if you have "Use Web Accessibility Settings" checked in the Title Options? I'm not 100% sure on the impact that would have on screen readers or text-to-speech, though I know it affects tab focus.

    I'm not a Mac person, so it may come down to a setting in the user's software? Is it a built in or separately installed text-to-speech such as TextAloud? Or, are they referring to their screen reader like JAWS or NVDA?
  • ehufnagel2780
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    I do have "Use Web Accessibility Settings" checked.  The user is just using the built in text-to-speech reader so now I'm starting to think it is a Mac issue as it won't even read the ALT-tags.  I have a Mac as well to test courses to make sure they work well for the user.  I'll have to look into possibly getting them another program.  Thanks for the input!
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    The most obvious workaround is to simply use a text object with actions attached instead of a button, yes? You can assign it any color scheme you like.

  • jasonadal
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    Adding an action to a text block may work for the speech-to-text, however, it's problematic for screen readers. Screen readers use divs and types to decide how to announce objects to the user. For example, a Next button would be read "button next" since it has the "<button id>" and the type equals "button". Screen readers can also identify if a button is disabled, i.e. "button next disabled".

    (Side note - for those focusing on accessibility and screen readers, do NOT name your buttons with the word "button" - It WILL be repeated "button next button".)

    Text blocks with an action are announced more like a URL link. I tested with NVDA and it announced the id of the text block (text12345), then read the text itself, then read "javascript has onUp link". I saw this in JAWS as well when I was going through review with a user that exclusively used tab functions and screen readers.